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“The digital economy is critical to the delivery of the city’s ambitious growth programme; as an underpinning force in the wider economy, to enrich our communities and as one of the city’s key growth sectors alongside Marine, Medical and Advanced Engineering”
Richard Stevens – Chair of Plymouth Growth Board

The city’s Digital Strategy is delivered through the Connected Plymouth Group and governed by the Plymouth Growth Board.

The Connected Plymouth Group has worked together since 2010 delivering numerous projects for the city. The group has a wide membership and agenda and work together and scope is a wide public private steering group who work together to deliver:

  1. Visibility and Marketing
  2. Skills and Exploitation
  3. Structure and Infrastructure
  4. Economy and supply chain

Connected Plymouth work across numerous other agendas in particular the local Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Strategy to grow and attract new talent to the city.

Both of the above strategies and others are combined to create one unified plan in the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan. The combined plan creates a simpler playing field for development by bringing together numerous strategies and sets out where development will take place, what areas should be protected, and how the area will change through to 2034. The Plymouth Plan includes strong policy ambitions for digital connectivity, the economy, housing and community.

Critically for digital connectivity Plymouth City Council is taking a proactive role to ensure that its lead position on connectivity is maintained by aiming to ensure that all new premises provide a minimum of 25Mbps.